Diamond Microdermabrasion

Our microdermabrasion treatment exfoliates and removes dead skin cells to uncover fresh, clear and rejuvenated skin with no pain or downtime. Using diamond-tip applicators to deeply polish and gentle suction to stimulate blood flow, our process is suited to all skin types and will minimise the appearance of enlarged pores, blackheads, and uneven skin tone. Sessions take 10-20min and are safe for both face and body.


Demapen is the most advanced form of skin needling, using innovative technology to create smoother and healthier skin. Dermapen glides over the skin creating millions of microscopic channels which stimulate skin repair and collagen production. It reduces scarring (acne and surgical), fine lines, stretch marks, pigmentation, dilated pores, as well as rejuvenating and tightening skin. It is suited to all skin types on the face and body, including around the eyes.

Cosmetic grade Peels

Our skin peels address many concerns including skin blemishes, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, pigmentation, blocked pores, and acne. Treatments are between 30-45 minutes and include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, customised peel and soothing post-peel mask.

Pomegranate Enzyme Peel

– Gentle exfoliation suited to all skins including sensitive, inflamed, and dry skin.

Pumpkin Enzyme and Fruit Acid Peel

– An effective and gentle peel for all skins especially sun damage, aging, and uneven skin tone.

Catalyst Retinol Peel

– A great anti-ageing peel to reduce lines, wrinkles and photodamage.

Oxygenating enzyme Peel

– Natural fruit peel with Papaya offers intense oxygenation and hydration for a skin pick me up! Suited to all skin types.

Bio-White Peptide Peel

– High strength Vitamin C for brightening and lightening suited to all skin types especially pigmentation, melasma, and uneven skin tone

Laser Genesis

Reduce the signs of ageing for a fresh glowing complexion with Laser Genesis. By gently heating the deeper layers of the skin, this innovative technology effectively treats fine wrinkles, diffuse redness, large pores, and scarring resulting in smoother and younger skin texture. Popularly known as a ‘lunch-time’ facial, you will be able to return to work and resume most normal activities immediately after treatment.

Picosure FOCUS Laser

This technological marvel takes skin rejuvenation and treatment of pigmentation to a new level. The brilliant microscopic laser array stimulates collagen and elastin, the building blocks of smooth youthful skin, with minimal discomfort and downtime. The ultra-short laser pulses are also proven for superior treatment of pigmentation including freckles, sunspots, and discoloured skin patches. We have also had great success with Picosure in treating melasma and hyperpigmentation in Asian skin.